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It can be changed ad infinitum as long as it is supplied with electricity, as opposed to fixed memory (ROM), whose capacity is by definition limited. RAM is used to temporarily store files that the computer is running. There are different types (SDRAM, for example, or DDR, based on the same technology, but much more efficient). Don’t wait and JomApply Unifi right now! 

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  • This is the CPU – RAM binomial.
  • In computer science, a CPU (for Central Processing Unit) refers to a processor.
  • We sometimes use the literal translation of the English term: central processing unit.

Processors process and organize data from other components of your machines (such as memory and hard drive, for example) and then perform various calculations to facilitate interaction between users and machines.


The storage data is the means used to keep and preserve data safe. The term generally refers to both the devices used and the data they contain. 

We distinguish:

Primary storage is generally used to store active datasets, and traditionally entrusted to the internal disks of servers (SSDs or fast hard disks) or to the most efficient storage arrays.

Secondary storage, which refers to devices used to store data cooler, on capacitive hard drives, and sometimes even tape.

Graphics power

Graphics power depends directly on the GPU (an acronym for Graphical Processing Unit), which designates the processor specifically dedicated to processing graphics data.

  • Thanks to the considerable improvement in their performance in recent years, GPUs can now perform a large number of calculations in parallel.
  • Generally, the GPU is embedded on what is called the graphics card, but more and more often, it is directly integrated into the chipset of motherboards.

The network

A computer network is a set of equipment linked together to exchange information. Even just two computers linked together can be considered a network. Networks are usually set up for the purpose of transferring data from one system to another or providing shared resources, such as servers, databases, or a printer. Each network is specifically designed to meet objectives, with a dedicated architecture. The connection between network elements can be wired (wired) or made using wireless technology.