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The Disadvantages of Being A Solo Entrepreneur

As you can see in this 21st century we are living in, more and more people have started to build their own small business in order to earn more money. Many youngsters have even started their own online business as they use social media as their main platform to promote their business. You can see them promoting their business diligently as they gain many followers who eventually became their buyers. This is probably due to the endless support they get from their parents to start doing something productive instead of playing their online games all the time. It is not surprising that in the digital ocean we are living in, many teenagers are obsessed with online games such as League of Legends, PUBG and Biohazard Village. Hence, it is not surprising that their parents would rather have them start a small business rather than seeing them lying down all around the house with their games. 

Now that we are talking about small business, most of these entrepreneurs did it solo without any partner or friend. This is understandable as the business is small and the order will not be overwhelming. It is enough for them to work on their own. However, there are bound to be challenges with that and here are some of them.

The Need To Be A One-Man Army

This simply means that you need to be able to multitask and settle everything on your own. Since you are handling all the orders and packaging, you need to be very detailed in recording the sales and amount of products you are handling. It might be better for you to do a daily and weekly journal so that you can look back on them when some incidents happened, like a mixed up order. This could be challenging as you have to keep track of new orders and at the same time ensure the previous orders are completed on time. Thus, make sure you are physically and mentally ready before starting your solo business. 

Always Have Backup Ready

Another disadvantage of being a solo entrepreneur is that you need to always be ready for any data loss. As you are keeping track of things on your own, there is always a possibility that something might be left out or you might just misplace your journals. However, don’t worry as you can always have a look at the best server backup services in malaysia so that you can avoid loss of data from happening in your devices where you have been documenting your journals, notes and sales. 

Easier To Feel The Pressure

Not saying that you will not have support for your small business, but there might be times when you need motivation to keep going and your family members might not be there due to their busy schedule. Without a partner to operate the business together, it is easier to feel the pressure and stress of wanting to do the best for your business. However, you might sometimes feel overworked and lonely as there are no people involved in this together and can understand your struggle. 

Last Words

All in all, Rome was not built in a day, is how a saying goes. This means that it is only normal for you to face some obstacles in handling your small business on your own. But you have to push through and walk forward so that you can grow as a person and entrepreneur. Good luck!