Mistakes Beginners Do while Painting the Walls

It is common for beginners to make mistakes when painting walls for the first time. They do not have an idea about how to choose the right paint. Which brand will satisfy all their requirements? How to know which additive they need to add? The beginners are only familiar with the fundamental steps of paintings and, therefore, they tend to make more mistakes than experts. However, you can avoid some common mistakes by understanding the techniques, tools, and painting process in advance. In this article, we will let you know about the most common mistakes that many beginners make when painting their houses or rooms.

  • The first mistake is not choosing the right paint. Don’t choose paint at random and make sure the paint you choose has emulsifiers, pigments, defoamers, leveling agents, curing catalysts, and other additives. Choose paint with defoamers or antifoaming agents, as they hide imperfections or irregularities in the walls. Acrylic emulsion paints can also be used, which increase washability and wear resistance. Many chemical suppliers in Malaysia can easily supply you with all the additives you need.
  • The second mistake is not cleaning the surfaces of the walls. If you do this and leave the walls as they are, oily and dirty surfaces can easily peel off the paint and reduce the adhesion of the new paint. With the help of the paint remover, you can easily clean the walls. Make sure you fill in the holes in the walls as they can easily remove oil or dirt from the wall surfaces and also damage the overall look of the paint. So don’t forget to clean the walls thoroughly.
  • The third mistake is not to cover the floor and furniture in the room. Either cover everything in the room or remove all the furniture from the room. Try covering the floor with a cotton cloth instead of plastic covers, as plastic covers can easily cause accidents.
  • The fourth mistake is not to roll the paint along the edges to achieve a consistent texture without drying. If you don’t roll the paint along the edges, you won’t get a texture consistent with the surrounding painted areas.
  • The fifth mistake is to make small parts of the paint. Repeated mixing may make the color a little different from the previous part, and every time you mix the section there will be a slight color difference. Therefore, it would be best to mix the paint in a large bowl or can as this will give you a uniform color throughout the room.

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